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Argumentos trascendentales by Isabel CABRERA


Esta antología recoge las discusiones más importantes sobre un tipo de argumentación filosófica cuyo antecedente más importante se encuentra en l. a. filosofía crítica de Kant y que pretende establecer condiciones necesarias de l. a. experiencia. El volumen repasa diversas maneras de apoyar y de criticar este tipo de inferencia, así como distintas formas de interpretar los angeles naturaleza de aquellas condiciones que buscan concluir los argumentos trascendentales. Incluye artículos ya clásicos de Stephan Körner, Donald Davidson, Eva Shaper, Roderick Chisholm, Barry Stroud, Peter Hacker, P.F. Strawson, Manfred Baum, Jonathan Bennett y Ralph Walker, entre otros.

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The Sung nominally continued this T'ang system but in practice altered it greatly. For many purposes the light rod penalties were replaced by beatings with the heavy rod (with small numbers of strokes). Heavy rod penalties were also changed by reducing the number of strokes. Penal servitude and exile, though they continued to be used as formal terms in the setting of sentences, were displaced in penal practice by a punishment called registration, under which those convicted were sent for registration in special labor units of the Sung provincial armies.

40 There were advances in mathematics. 41 These examples could be almost endlessly multiplied. The Sung was one of the great eras of scholarly and scientific curiosity in Chinese history. Sung writings contain treatises on archeology, architecture, and dozens of other scholarly and scientific topics. The technological innovation that was to have perhaps the greatest cumulative impact was the rise of printing. 42 By making possible the wide dissemination of approved versions of the Classics, it set the stage for a revival of widespread interest in the Confucian canon; by lowering the price of books, it laid the foundations for a great expansion of Start of Citation[PU]State University of New York Press[/PU][DP]1999[/DP]End of Citation < previous page page_25 next page > < previous page page_26 next page > Page 26 literacy.

This led to other changes. The Chi-nese began to use higher tables. They no longer used mats on their floors, which now were often of stone or tile. People could wear their shoes inside the house. Easily doffed slippers gave way to boots. 33 During the Sung, the straight rooflines characteristic of earlier buildings, at least in north China, give way to gracefully curved eaves; the emphasis on lightness is also reflected in the Sung penchant for building soaring pagodas. The restrained color scheme of the past begins to disappear when the Sung solved the puzzle of glazing colored roof and floor tiles.

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