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Ancient Greek Music by M. L. West

By M. L. West

Historic Greece used to be permeated by means of track, and the literature teems with musical allusions. right here ultimately is a transparent, accomplished, and authoritative account that presupposes no distinct wisdom of tune. subject matters coated comprise where of song in Greek existence, tools, rhythm, pace, modes and scales, melodic development, shape, historical idea and notation, and ancient improvement. Thirty surviving examples of Greek tune are offered in smooth transcription with research, and the publication is totally illustrated. in addition to being thought of by itself phrases, Greek track is the following extra illuminated by way of being thought of in ethnological standpoint, and a quick Epilogue units it instead in a border region among Afro-Asiatic and ecu tradition. The publication can be of price either to classicists and historians of track.

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They acknowledged its power to soothe, to console, to distract, to cheer, to excite, to inflame, to madden. They had definite theories, which will be described in a later chapter, about the various moral and emotional effects of different musical modes and rhythms. There are stories of music being employed deliberately to manipulate people's moods. It is said that when Sparta was in a state of unrest in the first half of the seventh century BC, an oracle recommended sending for 'the Lesbian singer': Terpander was invited to come, and his singing restored the city to good order.

Many sixth- and fifth-century vase-paintings bear witness to this, most frequently in connection with the long jump or with throwing the discus or javelin. 86 Philostratus says that the purpose was to give the jumper an additional stimulus. 87 85 Fr. 118c; my Studies in Greek Elegy and lambus, 147f. 86 See Pl. 10; Paus. 5. 7. 10, 17. 10; 6. 14. 10; cf. Diogenes of Seleucia, SVF iii. 225. -Plut. De mus. 1140d, Philostr. De gymnastica 55. 87 Epicharmus fr. 210; Paus. 5. 17. -Plut. De mus. 1140c. The Etruscans are said to have had it for boxing, and also for flogging slaves and kneading dough (Alcimus, FGrH 560F 3, Arist.

295; Timocritus of Aegina, Nem. 4. 14; perhaps Hiero, Ol. 1. 16; Arcesilaus, Pyth. 5. 114. 60 Ion of Chios, FGrH 392 F 13 (Plut. Cim. 9. 1, Them. 2. 4, Cic. Tusc. 1. 4). 61 Stesimbrotus, FGrH 107 F 4; for his singing, Ion, loc. cit. 62 Ar. Vesp. 959, 989, cf. Eq. , 985ff. (of Cleon), Eup. ft. 208. 63 Pl. Euthydemus 272c, cf. Menex. 236a. 64 Dicaearchus frs. 88-9 Wehrli and other sources; see Reitzenstein (as n. 58), ch. 1; F. Wehrli, Die Schule des Aristoteles, i (Basle, 1944), 69-71. 65 Ar. Nub.

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