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Along the Path. The Meditator's Companion to the Buddha's by Kory Goldberg, Michelle Décary

By Kory Goldberg, Michelle Décary

This specific guidebook presents useful and encouraging details for meditators who plan to go to the sacred websites the place the Buddha lived and taught in India and Nepal. The ebook deals a wealthy anthology of reports in relation to all of the pilgrimage websites attached to the Buddha's lifestyles and educating, in addition to important maps, artistic art, and religious narratives from skilled tourists. every one website access contains insider details and counsel with targeted descriptions of transportation, lodging, and native delicacies; prompt tours and actions within the neighborhood; and highlights of verified Vipassana mediation facilities most fitted to deal with traveling meditators.

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F Rhys Davids, John Ireland, Maurice Walsh, and others. Without their invaluable contributions to the field of pariyatti, it would have been impossible for us to understand and narrate these inspiring stories the way we do. At the end of each story from the Pāli canon, we provide abbreviated references for those who want to read the scholarly translations. The abbreviations are as follows: A Anguttara Nikāya D Digha Nikāya Dh Dhammapada DhA Dhammapada Attagatha I Ittivuttaka M Majjhima Nikāya S Samyutta Nikāya Sn Sutta Nipāta Thig Therīgāthā U Udana VinMv Vinaya Mahavagga VinCv Vinaya Culavagga Acknowledgements During the winter of 2003 at Dhamma Giri, we found ourselves relaxing under the shade of a large banyan tree, sitting between travel writer Carl Franz and Dhamma writer Paul Fleishman.

If your kids are asking for soya milk, tofu, and brown rice, then you have to make some effort to shop. These are not available everywhere, only in select shops in big cities. Expect to pay ‘western’ prices, since these items will often be imported, although some restaurants in tourist spots make their own tofu and are willing to sell it at a good price. Travelling by Train Make sure to have reserved tickets, preferably in 2-tier AC or 3-tier AC for long journeys. Though AC class is more expensive, it is relatively clean and safe.

Sīla refers to a set of moral guidelines: abstaining from killing, theft, sexual misconduct, wrong speech and mind-altering intoxicants. When these prescriptions are properly followed, the mind is then able to become sufficiently calm, enabling the delicate task of self-observation. Without these precepts, a meditator will be pulled in two opposing directions: on the one hand, trying to concentrate and calm the mind down, and on the other, engaging in behaviours that agitate the equilibrium of the mind.

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