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Air War for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete 1940-41 by Christopher Shores, Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia

By Christopher Shores, Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia

The air conflict for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete all started in June 1940 with the Italian statement of warfare. some time past, there was a lot controversy among air historians on some of the information of the operations. It used to be the following, for instance, that Pat Pattie believed by way of many to be the Royal Air Forces unknown top-scoring fighter pilot of the entire struggle, observed so much of his motion. Taken from wide learn into on hand British, Italian and German documents, and interviews and correspondence with survivors or kin of these current, this e-book seeks to supply a correct portrait of the air conflict for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete from 1940-41.

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T h e search for Sykes' aircraft was resumed on 30 N o v e m b e r , when three of the s q u a d r o n ' s aircraft escorted a Greek Breguet XIX over the area. N o sign was found, but that evening a message c a m e t h r o u g h f r o m t h e Greek Army that he had been found in the b u r n t - o u t wreck of his aircraft, a n d had been buried nearby. 45 Greek m o u n t a i n forces in pursuit of the Italians had by now a l m o s t run out of food. Heavy snow prevented supplies reaching them overland, so a Wellington of 70 S q u a d r o n was loaded with sacks of bread and bully-beef, which were d r o p p e d to them.

1007 b o m b e r s f r o m 47° S t o r m o BT o p e r a t e d over the Bozigrad-Slinarisa-Ariza area, a n d these were also a t t a c k e d by three PZLs; the g u n n e r s claimed one fighter shot d o w n . 1007s, this time f r o m 16° S t o r m o BT, a p p e a r e d in t h e K o r i t z a area a n d these were engaged by 23 Mira, whose pilots claimed three shot d o w n . In fact only o n e b o m b e r was lost - an aircraft of the 21 l a Squadriglia c a p t a i n e d by S o t t o t e n M a r i o Longo.

T h e latter was destroyed, effectively preventing reinforcements reaching the battle area. C R 4 2 s a t t a c k e d , Fit Lt A F Mudie's L1389 and Sgt W F Sidaway's L1387 being shot d o w n , while t h e third aircraft (LI536; Sgt L N u t h a l l ) was d a m a g e d . T h e identity of the Italian unit responsible for these successes has not been identified. T h e Regia Aeronautica's 96° G r u p p o B a'T's Ju 87s f r o m Lecce in eastern Italy had also been active d u r i n g the day, a t t a c k i n g a bridge near the isthmus of Lake P r e s p a d u r i n g the m o r n i n g a n d also Greek artillery batteries.

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