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Advances in Petrochemicals by Vivek Patel

By Vivek Patel

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Moreover, in this chapter, a thermogravimetric characterization is performed in order to establish the activation energy of the mobility of water molecules contained in the cavities, relevant information to establish the energy barrier to overcome in the storage of hydrogen. Keywords: Fossil fuel, hydrogen, nanoporous, thermogravimetry, activation energy 44 Advances in Petrochemicals 1. Introduction In recent years, micro-porous and nanocomposites have been wide, and there are special interests in specific areas in order to generate improved technological processes such as separation, gas adsorption, ion exchange, and heterogeneous catalysis, to mention some of them [1, 2].

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Lenka S, Nando G. B. Synthesis of polyurethane from cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL), a renewable re-source. 5772/61096 ence Part A: Polymer Chemistry. 1998; 36(3): 391 - 400. CO;2-V [62] Kim S. The reduction of formaldehyde and VOCs emission from wood-based floor‐ ing by green adhesive using cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL). Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2010; 182: 919 - 922. 003 [63] Lee J H, Jeon J, Kim S. Green adhesives using tannin and cashew nut shell liquid for environment-friendly furniture materials.

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