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A Time to Dance/A Time to Embrace by Karen Kingsbury

By Karen Kingsbury

A Time to bounce: they're the correct couple--envied via their acquaintances, adored via their young ones, fashionable through their friends. yet John and Abby Reynolds understand they're simply pretending to feel free. in truth, they are awaiting the appropriate time to inform the children they'll divorce. yet on the relatives assembly the place they plan to inform their teenagers, Nicole stocks a shock of her personal: she's getting married. How can they destroy her pleasure with their declaration? they could faux a bit longer--until after the marriage. yet questions start to hang-out them because the date attracts closer. What occurred to the affection and dedication that held them jointly for therefore lengthy? Is it nonetheless there someplace less than the entire soreness and false impression? And is it nonetheless attainable, by myself within the moonlight on an previous wood pier, to once again find...a time to bop? the 1st novel in Karen Kingsbury's celebrated sequence concerning the resiliency of affection, the facility of dedication, and the superb faithfulness of God. A Time to embody: Like newlyweds, the reunited John and Abby Reynolds snort, love, and dream of a protracted destiny jointly. yet straight away, a automobile coincidence renders John paralyzed, ceaselessly altering the Reynolds and their whole group. the motive force of the auto totally liable for the twist of fate is Jake Daniels, the highschool soccer superstar who understands John Reynolds as trainer, mentor, and good friend. within the wake of this close to loss of life twist of fate, can tragedy be triumph over via the opportunity of a remodeling miracle?

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Kelsey, my sweet girl, who stands on the brink of those tough and tender teenage years. Already you are old enough to understand love, to know that you’re a one-in-a-million catch and to believe no one will ever love you like your daddy or your heavenly Father. You once said you wouldn’t marry a boy unless he was like your daddy. Keep that, honey; believe me, your standard couldn’t possibly be any higher than that. Tyler, my dreamer and doer, who wants so much from life and whom God has chosen for great and mighty things.

Abby anchored her fingertips along her hairline and lifted up, watching as her face took on a look she was more familiar with, the look she’d had as a teenager and young woman. Was that what their love had come to? After surviving so much, celebrating so much, after raising a family together . . had it really come to this? To losing her husband because the skin on her face showed wear? I gave you those years, John . . She took a step back and studied herself again. Her hair was a mass of short stylish layers that still turned men’s heads.

Why cover for him now? ” She crossed her arms and huffed. ” She hesitated. ” Don’t say it, Abby . . ” John removed his Marion High baseball cap and dug his fingers through his damp, dark hair. “What do you want, Abby? A fight? ” She thought of a dozen quick comebacks but held her tongue. “I’m just saying we should have told them by now. For goodness sake, John, we’re filing in January. ” His face twisted, and she thought he might cry. He looked like a little boy who’d lost his best friend, and for a crazy instant she wanted to take him in her arms and beg him to stay, beg him to break it off with Charlene and love only her, Abby, for the rest of his life.

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