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A Roadmap for Formal Property Verification by Pallab Dasgupta

By Pallab Dasgupta

Integrating formal estate verification (FPV) into an latest layout strategy increases numerous attention-grabbing questions. Have I written sufficient homes? Have I written a constant set of houses? What may still I do whilst the FPV instrument runs into means matters? This ebook develops the solutions to those questions and matches them right into a roadmap for formal estate verification – a roadmap that exhibits easy methods to glue FPV know-how into the conventional validation circulate. A Roadmap for Formal estate Verification explores the main concerns during this strong expertise via easy examples – you don't want any heritage on formal the right way to learn such a lot components of this book.

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Req? req? (gnt? ‘INIT : ‘WAIT) : ‘IDLE ; (gnt? ‘INIT : ‘WAIT) : ‘IDLE ; ‘ADDR : ‘IDLE ; (rdy? ‘DATA : ‘ADDR) : ‘IDLE ; ‘ADDR : ‘IDLE ; ---// Property and Assertion definitions .... ---initial begin state = ‘IDLE; end endinterface Fig. 16. 4 Architectural Styles for Assertion IPs 55 We can now use the state machine to define our properties. The first property remains as it is.

14. T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 clk req gnt Data/Addr A1 D1 A2 D2 rdy Master state IDLE WAIT INIT ADDR DATA ADDR DATA IDLE Fig. 14. A sample transfer for the MyBus protocol We choose the following properties of the MyBus protocol for our analysis. 1. The protocol is non-preemptive. Once granted, the master owns the Bus until it lowers its req line. 2. If the master is in the ADDRESS cycle, it should not change the address floated in the Bus until it receives the rdy signal from the slave. 3. Each DATA cycle is of unit cycle duration.

The bounded CTL property EF[2,4] r is true at s0 . The property F[a,b] g is equivalent to the bounded-until property, true U[a,b] g. The bounded Always operator: The property G[a,b] f is true on a run, π = s0 , s1 , . , iff f is true in every state in the sequence, sa , . . , sb . 3 – consider the run from s0 through s2 which alternates between s3 and s1 at least 8 times. The bounded LTL property G[0,1] ¬r is true at s0 since no run can reach s4 is less than 2 cycles. Real time operators are extremely useful in practice.

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