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A Hero For Sophie Jones (The Jones Gang) (Silhouette Special by Christine Rimmer

By Christine Rimmer

A impossible HERO

He was once the type of guy her mama warned her approximately, workaday rancher Sophie B. Jones discovered, as she regarded as much as locate Sinclair Riker's unrelenting gaze on her. yet resisting him used to be now not an choice, for although his phrases hinted on the darkness of his soul, his eyes spoke one other message altogether—one that Sophie couldn't aid yet answer….

Sinclair knew greater than to fall for an blameless like Sophie Jones. He knew that heartless seduction was once imagined to be his stock-in-trade, and that he had come to the ranch with one goal only—to do Sophie out of her liked land, in any respect attainable. So what was once it approximately this lady that had him craving for the purity of her soul? and will love relatively flip Sin…into Sophie's saint?

THE JONES GANG: The wild and woolly Jones extended family is back—and greater than ever!

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And he would have himself thoroughly under control. He'd get things straight with her. Explain that he was her new landlord—and he wanted her out. He'd make her his offer. She would take it or not. And that would be that. She would leave—or he would be forced to move to plan two. Either way, this thing between them would be finished, which was good. It never should have gotten started in the first place. " she asked so hopefully. " His conscience, rusty and rarely used, prodded at him: Why put it off?

Another wave of sympathy washed through her. How could he have borne all those losses at such a young age? " He studied her face for a moment. "As I said…" "I know. " Sophie paused to stroke the forehead of a friendly roan gelding and explained that none of the horses belonged to the Mountain Star. "We run a boarding service for people who don't have the space to keep their own horses. " Right then, Caleb, who was six feet five and broad as an oak, appeared from the apartment he'd fixed up for himself off the tack room.

He laughed. It was a deep, very masculine sound. It sent lovely warm shivers racing right beneath the surface of her skin. She said, "Look. Never mind. " He shrugged, leaned on the other side of the sink and crossed his arms over his chest in a mirror of her own pose. She looked down at her sandaled feet. When she dared to glance his way again, those dark eyes were waiting for her. She had to know. "All right. " He answered without hesitation. "My name is Sinclair. " It took Sophie a minute to believe what she'd heard.

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